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At King’s Health Partners, we have 4.2 million patient contacts every single year.

Every single one of those people has to have their appointments arranged and sent to them. They need to be welcomed into the hospital, guided round often large sites, and their medical notes moved from storage areas to clinics and wards. We have to ensure that we have the right number of health professionals on the ward to provide the right services, and that we’re completing all the paperwork to manage our multi million-pound budgets. So there are career paths for people with all sorts of talents. From those who love getting to grips with complex data, to those with a talent for making others feel welcome and at home, to the management leaders of the future, we need you all.

Most of these roles aren't about sitting in an office. They’re about coming face to face with patients, their family and friends, at a time when they may be feeling vulnerable and nervous. It’s about thinking on your feet in a busy environment where you’ll deal with hundreds of people every day. And it’s about variety. You’ll be working in an admin team within a Directorate, with its own medical speciality. Which means you could be dealing with anyone from the family of a young girl with anorexia, to people attending a busy diabetic clinic, to a mum about to give birth for the first time, or a patient you've been getting to know over weeks, as they attend a series of radiotherapy sessions.

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