How do I become a...

There are a huge range of careers within Admin & Clerical. Some you can apply for at 16, straight from school. Others need more qualifications, or some work experience.

To help you get a better understanding of some of the careers available to you within King's Health Partners, explore the information below. We’ll update this section regularly, with exciting new careers to get you inspired.

How do I become a...

The Apprenticeship begins in November, lasts for a year, and can be joined by people from 16 upwards. You’ll spend 4 days a week working at one of King’s Health Partner’s hospitals, and one day a week at college, working towards an NVQ 3 in either Customer Care, or Business Administration. Depending on where you’re placed, you might work for 12 months in one area, or rotate to different areas – for example, from a ward reception, to a referral office booking post. To join us, you’ll need to be literate and numerate, with lots of enthusiasm, a can-do attitude and a real desire to help make patients’ lives easier.

  1. Ideally, you’ll need a GCSE A-C in Maths and English, but basic literacy and numeracy are what’s required.
  2. Attend assessment centre, where we’ll give you a basic literacy and numeracy test.
  3. 2-week ‘Boot Camp’. This is where you’ll get a taste of the day-to-day work of the Apprenticeship. You’ll get food and travel expenses for this week.
  4. We’ll pick the people who've performed the best to join us on a paid apprenticeship for a year.

You’ll work with a team of clerks to ensure that the service you’re working in (which could be anything from maternity to radiology) is delivering for patients. Do we have the right numbers of doctors and nurses on call to meet the needs of the service? Are we meeting our NHS targets, and seeing people within the right timescales? Are we contacting people efficiently about their appointments? Are we collecting all the data properly about the treatment we’ve given? Are your team, from receptionists greeting patients, to doctor’s secretary working well, and do they have all the training they need? Above all, are patients receiving a really professional service that makes their treatment run more smoothly?

  1. 2 GCSEs in English and Maths at A-C grade.
  2. Customer Service experience (this could be in retail/call centre or business environment, or as a Receptionist or Ward Clerk in King’s Health Partners).
  3. Experience in a Supervisory role, usually within a healthcare environment, but could be in business.
  4. ILM certificate in first-line management (or equivalent).

The NHS is made up of a number of different Trusts, all with many different hospitals, clinics and services. Much of our funding works on a ‘claim back’ basis, where we claim from the local commissioners for the health services we’ve provided. You’ll play a vital role, following each patient’s progress through their treatment, and making sure we’re claiming for every piece of care that we’ve delivered.

Thanks to your detective work, accuracy and Excel skills, we’ll get the funds we need to carry on giving an outstanding service throughout our King’s Health Partners hospitals. You will be a quick learner, who can build up a knowledge of the coding system in double quick time, build up good relationships with all those you’ll liaise with, and meet strict deadlines, to make sure we don’t miss out on any funding.

  1. 2 GCSEs in English and Maths at A-C level.
  2. Gain office experience (ideally in the NHS) or NVQ 2 in Customer Service or Business Admin.
  3. Gain good Excel skills.

This is an admin role where you’ll have the chance to work closely with patients, as well as health workers, from doctors and surgeons to physiotherapists and pharmacists. Every day, you’ll play a key role in helping keep the ward running smoothly. It’s a job where you need to be great with people – and very, very organised. You could be doing anything from answering phones to collecting patient’s notes, and answering relatives’ questions. You’ll need to be able to think on your feet, stay calm even in busy situations, and have lots of empathy for the people around you.

  1. 2 GCSEs in Maths and English A-C.
  2. NVQ Level 2 in Customer Service or Business Admin.
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