A career without limits

The skill, inventiveness and ingenuity of physicists and engineers working in the medical field have helped save millions of lives, and improve the quality of many millions more.

The way that everything from nuclear physics to computer science can be applied in this field means there are a huge number of ways into this area – and lots of career paths to develop.

If you’re based in a hospital, you can work maintaining machinery, or in a role where you’re working mainly with patients, collaborating with other healthcare professionals to decide on and provide treatment. You could work in procurement, buying in equipment for a whole healthcare trust. Or be part of a research team, discovering brand new ways to use existing technology. You could get involved with putting new machinery through clinical trials, making sure it will work effectively and be practical to use, day in, day out. Or you could work in the R&D department of an equipment manufacturer, helping to dream up the medical machinery of the future.

Whatever you do, you’ll know when you get up every morning that you’ll be helping not just to improve people’s quality of life – but to actually help save lives.

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