The skills you'll need

Different roles within Pharmacy demand different talents and skills. But there are some things that everyone needs to have.

First of all, you need a really high level of attention to detail. People’s lives depend on the accuracy of what you’re doing, so this is essential – as is being organised and methodical. You’ll also need a good level of manual dexterity, for measuring out medication and making up preparations in a whole range of formats. A good work ethic, with a real interest in learning, developing, and getting things done efficiently and to a high standard also important.

Just as key is your interest in patients. You’ll be really keen to help them get better, understand the medication they’re taking, and to make sure that they have the very best type of medication for their needs. Because you’ll be talking to your team, healthcare professionals, and patients from every walk of life, you’ll also need to be a really good communicator.

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