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Mapping 100,000 genomes of people with rare genetic conditions. Discovering more about exactly what chemicals in the body affect the way our heart beats. Learning how we can use the body’s own immune defences to turn on cancer cells and attack them.

These are just a handful of the research projects we’re involved in at King’s Health Partners. As well as working on breakthrough medical discoveries, we’re also involved in hundreds of clinical trials for new treatments, new drugs, new equipment and even new ways to provide healthcare services. It’s a very exciting place to be.

The conditions we’re looking into are vast, and cover mental as well as physical health. In fact, here at King’s Health Partners, we host two of the countries 11 Biomedical Research Centres. The first at the Maudsley, is currently researching areas ranging from psychosis and dementia, to anorexia, and the depression that can be caused by coping with having diabetes. The second centre, which covers Guy’s, St Thomas’s and King’s hospitals is researching everything from cancer and heart disease, to allergies, and the effect air pollution is having on respiratory diseases.

We've got a world-class Research function, which is right on your doorstep here in south east London. There are a huge number of careers to pursue here for people with a whole range of different talents. So get involved!

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