An online mentor who can help you plan the next steps in your career.

Relevant to: All fields
Age requirements: 14+

We’re running a flagship scheme where staff from King’s Health Partners can mentor students from local schools in Lambeth and Southwark via email, on our secure site.  Over a three-month period, you’ll get advice, information and encouragement from your mentor. We have doctors, nurses, midwives, physiotherapists, managers, HR professionals, healthcare scientists, pharmacy experts and more, signed up and waiting to mentor you.

The scheme provides you with someone in the know to talk to about your future, advise on your next steps, as well as giving you a great experience to write about on UCAS forms or job applications. You’ll log on once a week to the website, where as well as receiving messages from your mentor, you can look at lots of useful information about your future career. 92% of mentees said that the online mentoring, had made a positive difference to their lives – so it obviously works!

“My mentor was unbelievably nice and funny, which made me feel comfortable. She gave me useful advice that was practical and sensible and never failed to reply to me every week.”

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