From Bench to Bedside

What healthcare role would suit you best? A new interactive video project ‘From Bench to Bedside’ helps you learn more about the different careers you could follow assessing and treating patients, or researching the causes and cures of a range of illnesses.

Relevant to: All fields

These interactive videos can help you explore the career opportunities available in the area of medicine, healthcare and sciences – from the scientist’s bench to the patient’s bedside. They also tell you which university courses you’ll need to study to pursue each career.

In the video, you can follow the story of Mr Zemlinksy – an example patient who has had a stroke. You can then choose from over 20 video interviews with health professionals and scientists. In each video, there’s an option to click to find out more, which will take you through to a webpage for that career option. On this page, you’ll find information about the skills and qualifications required for each role and the career opportunities it offers. It will also link you through to relevant courses.

Have fun exploring!

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