Graduates into Health

Introducing tomorrow's talent to the NHS today

Relevant to: Admin & Clerical
Age requirements: All students and graduates (undergraduates, Masters or PhD students)

The Graduates into Health programme links students and graduates from universitiesin London and the south east to NHS healthcare managers who are recruiting business function entry level roles.

The programme recruits for a wide range of NHS and healthcare organisations trustscommissioners, GP surgeriesthird sector, and system wide organisations like DigitalHealth.London and the Healthy London Partnership.

Joining the Graduates into Health programme kick starts your career in an ever more efficient, successful and professional health care service. 

The Graduates into Health programme links students/graduates from universities to NHS Managers in business function roles. We have the full range of vacancies such as:

  • Project Managers
  • Project Support Officers
  • Finance officers
  • Data Analysts
  • Human Resources
  • and much more

With  1000+ Students and Graduates signed up and a 96% retention rate, the roles will give your career in the NHS a kick start as it aims to improve employability by giving valuable experience.

What you will gain from Graduates into health

  • Get your foot in the door and open up opportunities to the fifth largest employer in the world
  • Make a difference in a leading world class healthcare organisation
  • Develop a network within the NHS and meeting a wide range of useful contacts
  • ‘Behind the scenes’ insight into the health and social care sector
  • Start building your career foundation of skills and experience that will hold you in good stead throughout your lifetime

A perfect blend for my career

Hira Naveed, Information Management Officer
Guys & St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust

I have been working in role for six months now and am loving every minute of it.

Being part of a fast paced environment and meeting personal and team targets on tight deadlines has helped me develop lots of skills- including my time management skills. 

"I have gained so much useful knowledge and relevant skills, making me more confident and courageous with my abilities."

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