NHS Internship Scheme

The Health Innovation Network NHS Internship Scheme offers the chance for graduates and students to connect with non-clinical job opportunities within the NHS.

Relevant to: Admin & Clerical
Age requirements: All students and graduates (undergraduates, Masters or PhD students)

The scheme offers salaried internships, which will enable students and graduates to offer their unique skills and abilities whilst giving them the opportunity to provide for themselves.

The NHS is the fifth largest employer in the world and this scheme offers exciting opportunities behind the “front line” in support services such as business development, finance, communications, human resources and information technology.

Internships can range from one day per week to full time one year positions and are all paid at the minimum of London Living Wage of £17,400 per annum and can be £23,000 for graduates and students in central London.

27 interns have been successfully placed into roles within a range of organisations including, South East Commissioning Support Unit (CSU), St. George's Hospital, Healthy London Partnership, Health Innovation Network, Greater London Authority, and Digital Health London.

This unique scheme offers a great opportunity to kick start a career within the NHS in a non-clinical role. It will develop students and graduates professionally and personally within a world-class public organisation, and will receive mentoring and training from leaders in their chosen field while creating an invaluable network of contacts.

The NHS Internship scheme also looks at improving employability by gaining necessary experience to put onto CVs and has had a number of successes, as told by Tukiya Mutupa, who was the Health Innovation Network’s first intern as a programme assistant and has gone on to find a paid role in a pharmaceutical company: “the internship allowed me to realise my strengths in new areas of work such as data analysis and develop new skills in event management and website maintenance […] I have developed personally and professionally as a result of my internship”. 

Whilst Hira Naveed, an Information, Innovation and Improvement Intern for the past six months says she is "absolutely enjoying every minute of it [and has] gained so much useable knowledge and relevant skills, making me more confident and courageous with my abilities".

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