Outreach for Medicine

Outreach for Medicine offers a wide range of interactive, motivational and educational events for secondary school and sixth form students.

Relevant to: Medical Physics, Pharmacy, Research
Age requirements: Secondary school and sixth form students


We aim to inspire and prepare the students we work with for a future in higher education and particularly for a career in Medicine. Each year we reach around 5000 students both on campus and in their schools.

Read below about 5 of our main events we organise annually.

Medical Activity Days at Guy’s campus

For secondary school students in years 7-11, we host Medical Activity Days at Guy’s Campus. These days involve learning about different areas of human biology in a fun and interesting way, such as investigating the respiratory system and the effects of smoking. We also give the participants a chance to master some basic clinical skills needed in the medical profession, including taking blood from an arm and practising how to suture a wound. The participants are also given a tour of the campus to get a taste of University life and can interact with current medical students throughout the day.

Talks in schools across London

Our work also takes us to non-selective state schools all across London, where we deliver talks about studying medicine, take part in careers fairs, and run clinical skills workshops for years 7-13.

Medicine in Action Lecture series

Throughout the year we invite clinicians and KCL scientists to take part in our Medicine in Action lecture series. The speakers share stories and information about their respective fields and how they reached that place in their career. This is an opportunity for attendees to broaden their scientific knowledge beyond the curriculum and to learn about the vast array of possible specialisms in science and medicine.

Medicine 101 workshops

To assist in the practical side of applying for medical school, we host Medicine 101 workshops once a month throughout the school year. These interactive workshops offer a step-by-step guide to the whole process of applying to medical school, covering everything from preparing for the UKCAT to personal statements and advice about financing University.


The final and most intensive event we run is Med-View, which is held once annually. This is an extremely popular 3-day experience that gives attendees the opportunity to participate in small group tutorials, attend lectures from leading medical researchers, receive advice on personal statements and have a one-day work experience placement in a clinical setting. This experience aims to give participants an insight into what it’s like to be a medical student and practicing doctor, whilst gaining vital knowledge about the process of applying to medicine.

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