Summer School

A Biomedical Research Centre Summer School and Research Involvement Group for 15-16 year olds.

Relevant to: Research
Age requirements: Year 11 students only

King’s Health Partners Summer school

Every year, we invite local year 11 students from schools across south east London to take part in our week-long King’s Health Partners Summer school, so they can find out more about being a biomedical researcher, in a really hands-on week. This year, students did everything from testing out ultrasound machines on a ‘phantom’ foetus, dressing up in specially made suits, that simulate the impact of aging on your hearing, sight and movement, discovering more about the psychological effects of having diabetes and taking part in a debate on the ethics of research.

Join our Student Research Involvement Group

We’re starting a Student and Public Involvement Group. You’ll meet every three months with other young people on the panel, to find out more about the research we’re doing at the Biomedical Research Centre, and to give your ideas about how this research can best be turned into services and treatment that really meet the needs of people in your age group. It’s your chance to have your say, shake things up, and help shape the way we use research.

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