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I’ve seen a baby being born! Two actually! Which is actually quite nice…

My name is Patricia Osbourne and I’m the Administration Manager for maternity. I manage all of the first referrals that come in for pregnant ladies. So once they find out they’re pregnant, their GP sends it into us or they can refer themselves. I manage all of those ensuring that they get all the necessary appointments booked and also after they’ve given birth I manage to ensure that they have all their midwife visits at home or their post-natal visits etc.

Well I had never worked in the NHS before and obviously started as a temp, and literally didn’t like temping so I wanted to get into a secure job. As you start you obviously get to know different things and how / what timescales ladies you have to work by, and I think that was interesting for me and obviously where I’ve moved up the ladder over the course of – I’ve had 3 jobs all in maternity. So it’s a nice area, and I think it’s the people who make it really friendly, that’s probably why I’ve stayed and a lot of people have stayed in maternity as well. Because we’re the first point of contact, we are your lifeline basically for maternity in the booking office. We start the ball rolling.

I’ve actually seen a baby being born! Two actually! Which is actually quite nice… And you see patients coming back where, because I’ve been here quite a while, you’ve probably seen them in 2005 and then 4 or 5 years later they come in and they know you, and you’re like ‘Hi?’ and she goes ‘yeah you were here when I got my first baby!’; they thank you, obviously when they give birth or you basically run around trying to get stuff done for them. It’s really nice.

So one minute you could be answering the phone to a patient or going out and seeing them in person, having to phone back a GP to get updated details because obviously not all the details haven’t come through a referral. And dealing with any issues, obviously that a patient comes up with, there is always issues where they may know what the answer to the question they’re asking but they just want reassurance and obviously because we’re the first point of call, they’re going to phone us and ask us.

So if you go from your own experience, that means saying to them, ‘this is what I will do’ or ‘this is what I wouldn’t do’. The best way to get in is probably get in is going down the apprenticeship route, where you come in and request to go into the department that you want to get into. You can come in and you’ll learn as you go along, and obviously if you don’t know then you’ll ask. As long as you are willing to learn, we’ll actually help you, but it is mainly communication. You’ll be communicating with patients, the consultants, and GPs, and general public.

My team is – I’ve got my staff working maternity but obviously the whole team is midwives, consultants, support workers, matrons… I think when there is a crisis or any issues, it’s not, there is no segregation, you all pull together. It’s all about The Trust basically, how you make The Trust look, so as long as everyone works together – and everyone does – it basically takes The Trust a long way.

A few words from Trisha

I’m the administration manager for maternity, within our Women’s Services Department. I’m responsible for 4 different areas – the Fetal Medicine Unit, (FMU) the Antenatal Clinic, the Community Midwifery office and the Booking office. I line manage 10 staff and oversee all the relevant administrative processes, postnatal referrals and visits to the unit.

Exciting aspects of Trisha's job

I get to see babies on a daily basis!

I'm lucky enough to work in a caring environment with lots of lovely people.

I get to make a real difference to people’s lives – giving help and advice to new mums.

There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing mums and their newborns returning, and getting to be part of their journey.


Managing people always throws up unexpected challenges, so I've learnt to be adaptable. You have to be able to think on your feet! With referrals increasing year on year, one of the biggest challenges is delivering the same quality of service to more people, with the same level of resources.

Grades needed
  • GCSEs in Maths and English (grade A-C)
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