Summer Studentships within King's Health Partners

General News

Studentship scheme for King’s College London students of all health disciplines.


At the King’s Health Partners our faculty of healthcare improvement launched and have taken in students for the 2016 summer studentship scheme for King’s College London students of all health disciplines (dentistry, medicine, nursing and midwifery, nutrition and dietetics, pharmacy and physiotherapy). 

The studentship will aim to provide an invaluable experience of working with patient safety quality improvement projects and should be of interest to any student who wishes to develop their career in areas related to patient safety and quality improvement

As part of the objectives for the scheme students will also get the oppurtuinity to :

  1. Develop an understanding of quality improvement and how they can apply it in thier careers.
  2. Contribute to the commitment of King’s Health Partners to be a world leader in patient safety and improving the quality of healthcare offered to patients
  3. Potentially contribute to an audit/paper/poster or oral presentation of the work
  4. Obtain a certificate of participation to include in their professional portfolio

Last year’s studentships received extensive positive feedback from students.

The expenses of studentship are usually covered up to £250 per week for up to four weeks.

Who can apply?

Students who were taken on for this year's studentship scheme were all studying one of the above health disciplines or related courses at King’s College London in the 2015-16 year. 

To find out more about King's Health Partners studentships please follow the link for more information. To find out more about King's College London please follow the link