Surgical team from Guy's Hospital star in new Netflix show ‘The Crown’

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Image credit: Flickr Strange Biology

Netflix’s new Royal show features the transplant team from Guy’s Hospital.

The transplant team from Guy’s Hospital in London swapped the operating theatre for the small screen, when they were asked to feature in ‘The Crown’. They appear in a scene in the first episode when King George VI, (our Queen’s dad) needs lung surgery.

They filmed the scene in their free time in November 2015, wearing surgical gowns and costumes from the period. They also gave the production team advice on how they could create a body and diseased lung to be operated on, and what surgical instruments would have been available at the time.

One of the surgeons, Mr Chandak, said “The prosthetic body was incredibly life like, complete with a beating heart, and there was meticulous attention to detail on set to recreate the surgical world from 1951.”

The entire series of ‘The Crown’ is available right now on Netflix if you want to see them in action!