10 ways social media could help you land a job

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Read on a few tips to improve your professional online presence.

1. Get online.
* Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are great tools for promoting yourself. Get logged on.

2. Profile picture.
* A professional headshot may work well if you fancy a career in finance, whereas an arty shot may work better in creative industries.

3. Connect.
* Follow people who work in your industry. That way you’ll be kept up to date with the biggest influencers in your field.

4. Post responsibly.
* Share, like and tweet relevant materials that show your knowledge of a field. E.g. news articles, blogs, etc.

5. Keep posting.
* Don’t become a 'ghost account’. Recruiters may feel you’re not passionate enough if you’re only active once a month.

6. Be selective:
Posts your mates find funny, a recruiter may not. So be mindful of what you post on your social media accounts.

7. Don’t make it personal:
* Recruiters don’t want to know who’s fallen out in your group chat. Keep it professional.

8. …Unless it’s positive
* Recruiters like to see a little personality. Posting things that are relevant to your interest and hobbies can help that.

9. Contact details
* Add an email address in case recruiters want to message you privately.

10. Spell Check
* Your professional online presence is a continuation of your CV. Grammar and spelling still matter.

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