Year 10 students: Register NOW for Reach Out for Healthcare Science week!

Medical Physics

It’s a hands-on week of work experience in June at our hospitals and King’s College, where you can find out about (and try out!) loads of careers in Healthcare Science.

Would you like to learn how to operate an ultrasound to see inside someone’s body? Fancy learning how to stitch up a patient’s wound, or take blood? (Including important tips like how much it’s safe to take!)

These are all activities Year 10 students from South East London schools have got involved in at our annual Reach out For Healthcare Science weeks in June. And registration for this year is open right now!

The programme last five days, and the aim is to let you know all about the many career opportunities there are in healthcare science that you can get involved in.

Over the five days of the course, you’ll get to experience life in a busy hospital, with hands-on activities, like seeing how an MRI scanner works. You’ll also talk to lots of people who work in all sorts of healthcare science areas, and find out what it’s like to study at a University, as you attend talks and also create and present a scientific poster about the subject of your choosing (whichever attracted you most during the week!). The best ones will win prizes! Finally, we’ll give you all the info you need about the best route into the healthcare science careers that interest you most.

If you love STEM subjects – this is a brilliant opportunity to discover more about where your career in healthcare could take you.

To register for one of the 3-week long events, your school will need to be registered – but this is an easy process!

Find out much more about Reach out for Healthcare Science (including how to get yourself and your school registered) right here.

And if you want to watch the video of last year's event, simply click here.