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Find out about the Meet the Doctors Event 2017

InsideMed, a mentoring programme run by medical students at Kings College London, for year 12 aspiring medical students, are looking for some Doctors to spare one hour of their time to talk to our year 12 mentees on what a career in their medical specialty entails.


The aims of this session:

  • To provide students with the opportunity to find out about what it is like to be a doctor, as well as questions of general interest. (We will also encourage them to find out about the different aspects of the job in order to improve their understanding of role).
  • In addition to this, by getting doctors from similar widening participation backgrounds to our mentees. This will hopefully be of some inspiration to the mentees as they will believe they can follow a similar path.


Students were able to meet Doctors in the Hospital and have a Q&A session with them. They were divided into different 'families' of six, where they spent an hour long session - 10 mins per doctor -  "speed dating" with each doctor.


if you have any further questons please contact the InsideMed Team at [email protected]