Guy' & St Thomas' Hospital's Midwifery Insight Day

General News

it's that time of the year again where students take part in the Midwifery Insight Day, introduced by Guy's and St Thomas' Hospital!

The Practice Development Team in partnership with The Guy's and St. Thomas' work experience team delivered the opportunity for twelve aspiring midwives to gain an insight on the world of Midwifery.

In the summer month of August, students were able to work closely with midwives at our hospitals in an environment that was welcoming and overall inspiring for our students as this was a career option for the future.

Here is what some of the students from the Midwifery Insight Week thought:

“It was very insightful I learnt a lot and I appreciate all the work that went on for it to take place. The insight day helped me to confirm that I am looking towards a career in midwifery to gain more insight into this”.

"I gained a first hand look and experience at what midwives go through...would like to go for extra experience"

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