Reach Out For Healthcare Science

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Reach Out for Healthcare Science is an exciting opportunity for Year 10's to learn about Careers in Healthcare Science.

Over 70 Healthcare Scientists across KHP were involved in delivering the week long Reach Out for Healthcare Science programme last year.

This hugely successful, annual pan-London event is now in its sixth year and engages with 300 16-years-olds with an aptitude for science from local schools. This worthwhile programme gives students from the local community an opportunity to discover the many and varied careers in Healthcare Science available to them through ‘hands on’ interactive learning sessions run by Healthcare Scientists.

Students had the opportunity to try activities such as controlling robots through movement via an Xbox, extracting DNA from tomatoes and using Virtual Reality and MRI scanning as tools in the assessment of mental health.

The Reach Out for Healthcare Science programme is valued for its authenticity – real working environments, with real equipment and real Healthcare Scientists. KHP Healthcare Scientists contribute their expert knowledge, time and enthusiasm to ‘inspire a generation’ and KHP enables this across three hospital sites, in both clinical and academic spaces

The dates for the 2020 Reachout for Healthcare Science week are :

  • UCL Partners (North Central and East London) 8th - 12th June 2020
  • King's Health Partners (South London) 15th - 19th June 2020
  • Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust (North West London) 22nd - 26th June 2020

To find out more information and to apply , visit the Exscitec Reachout for Healthcare webpage