Apprenticeship Case Study

Medical Physics

Medical Engineering apprenticeship programme

Name   Nicholas Donaldson        

Job title Assistant Medical Engineer

Apprenticeship programme and level; Level 2 Healthcare Science Assistant


How did you hear about the apprenticeship programme within the trust?

I had heard through a colleague as I was already employed in the trust

What led you to do an apprenticeship?

I wanted to get into this field and doing an apprenticeship allowed me to get in without the qualifications needed and it will and has provided me with these qualifications.

What goal were you trying to achieve?

I wanted to be a medical engineer

How did you find your apprenticeship journey?

I found it quite challenging at times but mostly I’ve enjoyed it.

How did the Apprenticeship blend learning with your role?

You learn about things you will be doing day to day and you get time to take where you can focus on learning and training.

How did you manage your workload and the apprenticeship?

I managed this by keeping a good balance of work and by making notes and keeping track of information throughout my course.

Having completed the apprenticeship, what impact has it had on you professionally?

Having completed it I am proud to have done so but it makes me hungry to gain more knowledge and gain more qualifications.

Having completed the apprenticeship, what impact has it had on you personally?

I am happy that I was able to complete it and it gives me a big confidence boost.

From undertaking the apprenticeship what skills and knowledge did you take away that you have implemented into your everyday work

Time management was key to me completing my apprenticeship and so I would say I have taken this into my day to day role.

How were you supported during your apprenticeship?

I was supported by my assessors, managers and my team leader. Without all this help it would have not been possible.

What are five words or phrases that sum up your learner journey?

Exciting, Demanding, focus, care and fun

What are the main things you have achieved through this Apprenticeship?

I have achieved many things but the main thing would be for me the ability to work unsupervised and freely as a competent member of staff. I also received manufacturers training for multiple medical devices.

From having undertaken the apprenticeship, have you progressed in your role? If so, please explain

I have progressed in many ways, my knowledge of equipment has expanded a lot and I also have pushed myself to be fully competent at carrying out repairs on multiple devices.

Would you recommend apprenticeships and why?

I would recommend apprenticeships as they help you if you have not obtained any higher learning qualifications and you want to work in a role that may need or desire them. Also you can study while earning a good wage and come out with a free qualification and a full time job at the end.